"Lit &Fit Sculpt"

“Sweat NOW, GLOW Later” using our Lit & Fit Handmade Sculpting Butter.This butter promotes sweating in the mid section, arms, legs and helps to reduce water weight and inches. It Can be worn during HIIT workouts,Cardio, and even during house chores. 

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Why Choose "Lit & Fit" ?

These products together will help you get rid of that midsection weight that you have been trying to work off. With our products you will lose inches and water weight in less than 4 weeks. I recommend you try them together to get faster results.

I used Lit & Fit Butter and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. It made my love handles go away less than 5 months 🙌🏾. I have every single edition that Nish have came out with since last year. Purchase your butter and loose them love handles 💪🏾

Lit & Fit Review
Great service, fast shipping, and very reasonable prices for products of such quality!
Ash Chanel

🚨🚨BELIEVE THE HYPE ‼️ I purchased this stater pack from @Getfit WitNish (I paid full price because I support her business ) Man oh Man it did not disappoint 💪🏾 First off the butter does as promised I sweated like a pig at a bar b cue and I was doing just a mild walk the sent gave me energy and woke me up so it’s Great for early morning work outs ! The waist snatcher was quality material it helped keep me abs sucked in as well as my posture while walking ! So what you waiting for to get yours it’s worth the investment into your health! Nish Walker you did that huntay !!!!

Quanesha Moyer
Roanoke, Va

Heyyy I’m loving my results! So I haven’t just been rubbing my lit & fit on my body ! I place the oil inside my belly button as welll & idk what’s it doing bt it’s working !!!

Daniqua Lashae
Roanoke VA

About Us

L&F Sculpting LLC

Certified in Fitness, Nutrition, & LITness

We are a company started in 2017 by our younger sister Denisha Walker(certified personal trainer & xtreme hip hop instructor) who started off hand-making sculpting butter to aid in fat-loss for stomach area. Once we seen how this product could change the game, she brought in her two sisters Renita Howard as client manager and Ashley Walker as product manager. We know our products are a game changer and we hope we will always provide the best customer service to everyone!!!